arman1_660_102213024751_102913114730So, in case you thought Tanisha Mukerji hanging around Armaan Kohli on Bigg Boss 7, desperate for his love and attention – considering he only bothers when he’s taking time off from fighting with other housemates – can get a little sad sometimes, here’s something to make you cringe further.

A picture from shows the two throwing caution to the wind, in this case their Bigg Boss house buddies, and finally sharing what looks like a pretty desperate kiss. Why? It’s the middle of the night, the house’s lights are off, and no one’s awake to see the action. Ever thought what kissing a mouth that talks no-so-pretty can be like? Yeah, we won’t go there.

armaan_102913114730The picture’s gone viral now and has only made an already scandalous issue – with her being a teeny weeny baby (eye roll), and him being a really, no really grown man – burn crimson red. At least, we hope that’s the colour of Tanisha’s and Arman’s faces after they realize that surprise (!), they weren’t alone after all. Cameras anyone?Is this a cheap publicity stunt? Can you blame us? It’s Tanisha and Arman we’re talking about. Oh and we’d love to see how Salman defends his poor, doe-eyed princess Tanisha now. Hello Salman, you listening?

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