tanTanishaa Mukerji recently entered theBig Boss 7 house, in a Manish Malhotra-designer ensemble. A friend of Tanishaa’s reveals, “Tanishaa is a very style-conscious person and always puts in a lot of thought into her wardrobe.

Recently, she shopped with her stylist before entering the BB7 house and got herself a wardrobe which had a good mix of comfortable yet stylish clothes. She picked up various designers and did loads of accessory shopping as well. Tanishaa wanted to keep a simple yet classy look at the BB7house.

Lululemon and Juicy Couture is her favorite workout brands so she made it a point to carry them as well into the house.”

Looks like Tanishaa put in lots of effort to make sure that she looks her best in the BB7 house, but  what we want to know who is it for?

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