MNISo the extremely entertaining and high-on-drama season of Bigg Boss 7 is almost coming to an end. With only about a week left, the wait is getting nerve-racking. One among Tanisha, Armaan, Andy and Gauahar will be out tomorrow, and the remaining five finalists will head towards the finale week.

These finalists have carved a niche for themselves in some way or the other. Like Ajaz once said, “you can love me or hate me, but you can’t ignore me”. He in his own silly way has created a brand for himself too. While Tanisha’s claim to fame in Bigg Boss is the much publicized ‘friendship’ with Armaan Kohli, for Armaan it has been the nasty temper issue. Be it good or bad, their unique qualities have given the contestants a strong hold in the house.

Perhaps luck could be playing a part in all this, but by experience we know that the news-makers in the house often go ahead. Gauhar made enough and more news when she walked out with her lover, on that fateful day, creating a frenzy in the news circuit. Host Salman also made his share of buzzes by his strong remarks and loyal support to some of the contestants.

All in all the house, the house-mates and the host have been entertaining us in more ways than one, since the start of this show three months back. Wrestler Sangram Singh has also been interesting, though he is often accused with the allegation of not taking a stand. However, we know that he is a very strong contender to the crown.

So, we wish to ask you, who do you predict will be the winner of the Bigg Boss 7 season? Will it be the headstrong Gauhar, the calm and collected Sangram, the humorous Andy, the funny Ajaz or one of Salman’s alleged favorites – Tanisha, Armaan?

What are your thoughts?

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